The Asymptote puzzle

the asymptote puzzle

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Clear your calendar, this is going to take some serious time to solve the first few levels


This puzzle is insane. How did they even come up with this, extremely difficult and extremely unusual!


A Everytime I think I’m making progress I run out of options. This puzzle makes me second guess every step I take trying to solve it


Why We Should All Do More Puzzles

Puzzles are great for developing logical thought processes and geometric pattern recognition. When a multitude of incorrect options are provided, as they are in puzzles, people are encouraged to further develop decision making and cost/benifit analysis skills. These are all extremely valuable in every day life.

Perplexing puzzles have worked extremly hard to make very difficult puzzles that most people will never fully finish! We also like to have a bit of fun and think about problems differently.

Coming Soon

We have a couple of new puzzles in the works which will be coming out early 2022. Start practicing your puzzling skills on the asymptote puzzle now!